Month: August 2018


Some questions and answers:

1. What do you offer exactly?

I offer classic and Full-Body Massage with oil (neutral oil/patchouli/ylang-ylang etc).

2.Is it possible to visit you somewhere or you come to my place?

it depends of the location. Just write me russianmasseur2016@gmail.comand we could agree about it.

3. Do you offer some fetish-things?

as i am lightly dominate then maybe its possible, for example such things as spanking or foot-fetish as addition to Massage.

4. Do you offer Tantra or Thai-massage?

No, it’s not my speciality. Erotic massage I can make though – if its about happy-ending..

5. What languages do you speak?

Russian(native), English(good, but not perfect), German (ein bisschen).

6. Could I see your photos? Or can you describe yourself?

it can be possible after shortly email-writings, but anyway i could show only pics without my face because i prefer be discret.

My description: I have middle long brown hair, olive white skin, brown eyes and plump lips, not tall (165cm/5’5), with curves (L-size). Sometimes i wear high-heels and strong make-up, but more often i prefer be natural (well, not every russian ladies are the same as in stereotypes about us:-D )

7. Could I present you gifts or flowers instead of payments for your massage?

Oh, gifts&flowers are always good:) I would appreciate it but better when we know each other for a some time so you could know my interests and preferences…

8. Why should I choose your massage instead of many others masseurs?

“If you never try you’ll never know… ” (Coldplay)

I can answer shortly: i work with your body with all my soul.

Really I dont have too many customers and offer quality, privacy  and respect to every person which i communicate. I also have strong but tender hands.

Of course you could find a lot of massage salons  in every country- the choice is yours;-)

9. Do you accept every request- from man or woman?

Yes, gender/age (minimum is 18) is not important. Generally I do pay attention about how adequate and friendly are person who want make appointment with me. And if something makes me feel strange I’ll easy refuse  of the meeting .

10. How do I contact you? Is it possible to know your mobile number?

Please firstly use Email: and we could talk about all details. mobile number i will give you after mail conversation if we agree for appointment.

11. Have your any rules/terms&conditions?

Sure, here it is:

  • I can touch you everywhere it needs during the massage to feel better. you can touch me only if I allow, but normally you only lay on the bed and relax…
  • During massage session I used to wear nice sexy night-dress or make massage in lingerie. Please dont ask me about completely nude if we agree only for massage session…
  • I don’t kisses with Strangers during massage (and in general, of course), please ask about it your girlfriend or wife:-)
  • don’t accept weird outdoor-invitations/pick-ups by cars etc. Only meetings in Apartments/hotels or @my place when it possible.